Kamala Harris

First Indian Senator Kamala Harris announced to contest the presidential elections in 2020

First Indian-American Senator Kamala Harris (54) has filed a petition in the Presidential Election to be held next year. Kamla formally started his campaign on Monday. Democrat Harris continues to oppose President Donald Trump. Kamala announced on Monday to participate in the election on Martin Luther King Juniors Day. Before this, the US’s first Hindu lawmaker Tulsi Gabbard has also submitted his claim to Democratic.

Work for the happiness of the people: Kamala

Kamala began her campaign campaign by announcing a video on the 90th anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday. Harris said in a program, “I am contesting for the post of President. I’m very excited about it. Will judge justice, dignity and unity in the country. Work for the happiness of the people. We have to stand together with American values, so that we can make our future very happy.

To become a candidate, 54-year-old Kamla will have to win in the primary election. Meanwhile, at least 12 MPs of the Democratic Party may be in support of them.