Kapil Sharma bats for Navjot Singh Sidhu

We all know that Navjot Singh Sidhu has been slammed because of comments after the Pulwama terror attack in the social media and also outside. He was also sacked from the television of Kapil Sharma for his comments. Sidhu commented not everyone is a terrorist, and terrorism has no religion. Even after his comments, Archana Puran Singh shot for a couple of episodes and Navjot has been asked to stay away from official political meetings as well as the show.

Kapil Sharma bats for Navjot Singh Sidhu regarding the controversy. He says they can’t sack a person because those small comments rather focus on big issues. He also says that this is diversion tactics used to target on non-issues, leaving aside actual issues. Kapil Sharma opines if sacking Sidhu sir is a solution to end Terrorism, then even I would go out of the television show. He mentions to regional news channel thus ‘These are very small things, or can also be a part of propaganda. I feel banning someone or sacking Navjot Singh Sidhu from the show is not the solution. We need to look for a permanent solution’.

It says that Sidhu has not been given any prior official notification regarding the termination of contract nor Archana will be replaced as per the contact. We still have wait and see what happens next.