LKG Movie Review

LKG movie cast: RJ Balaji, JK Ritheesh, Priya Anand, Nanjil Sampath
LKG movie director: Prabhu
LKG movie rating: 2.5 stars

That’s the thing with films that try to take a funny dig at serious political happenings. It appears entertaining. It makes you laugh. But as a film, it doesn’t offer anything fresh or exciting. The director or writer doesn’t have any choice but simply build the story with limited scope for drama and imagination.

LKG is similar to Tamizh Padam in many ways. While the Shiva-starrer was designed more like a spoof, this one takes potshots at everything and everyone. Even Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s fitness challenge isn’t spared.

The film opens with people raising slogans against the government, “Oozhal aatchi ozhiga. Benami aatchi ozhiga.”