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About Bhakarwadi Sab TV New Show

The story of Bhakharwadi revolves around two families that hail from different cultures living in the same city, Pune as neighbors. Both are competitors in business. The former runs an ancestral shop of bhakharwadi and is a follower of norms and traditions while the latter believes in matching steps with time and promotes fusion food. Both of them have sour relations due to their competitive attitude. But what will happen when the children of these two will fall for each other?

एक तरफ़ है ‘गायत्री’ – जिसके पिता ‘महेंद्र ठक्कर’ हैं अलग अलग variety की Bhakharwadi बनाने में माहिर!| और दूसरी ओर है ‘अभिषेक गोखले’ जिसके पिता अन्ना को है traditional Bakarwadi से प्रेम!
जब ख़याल इतने अलग हों तो दिल कैसे जुड़ेंगे इनके? देखिये इनकी प्यार भरी चटपटी सी love story, STARTS TONIGHT, 8 बजे in Bhakharwadi – सिर्फ Sony SAB पर!

It is expected that the story of the show will revolve around the story of delicious and sweet relationships in the family. The concept of the show seems bright and fun. It will be interesting to watch this upcoming tv show. The tv show will hit televsion screens in 2019. Bhakharwadi (Bhakarwadi) is new serial on SAB TV which is produced by JD Majethia and Aatish Kapadia under Hattsoff Productions.

Serial Cast

Deven Bhojani, Paresh Ganatra, Akshita Mudgal, Akshay Kelkar, Khanjan Thumbar, Jayesh More, Tejal Adivarekar, Aishani Yadav, Krunal Pandit, Tarka Pednekar, Kreshaa Shah, Aarian Sawant, Hiya Bhatt, Nishkarsh Dixit, Bhakti Rathod

Serial Promo

Watch the new show Bhakharwadi, every Monday to Friday at 8 PM, exclusively on SAB and SonyLIV

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